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SELDOC was established as a GP co-operative in 1996 to provide out of hours primary care to patients across southeast London. The organisations local knowledge and experience over the past 25 years has resulted in strong relationships with other local partners and they now provide services for 2 million patients.

While GP-led primary care remains at their core SELDOC is constantly developing and expanding services for the benefit of patients. SELDOC’s purpose is to deliver trusted healthcare to the communities for the benefit of patients and to make a better NHS.

Working alongside SELDOC

BFG Consulting worked with SELDOC’s management team to evaluate new services and to look closely at the way they were communicating with local partners, staff, and the general public.

Having researched the areas and services offered and carefully evaluated staff capabilities, BFG put forward a detailed report outlining four new service opportunities that could be both financially highly profitable for SELDOC and beneficial for the local communities in line with NHS requirements and changing patient needs. 


Ideas proposed included face to face and remote monitoring for patients with diabetes and respiratory conditions, home to laboratory testing services, telemedicine and new out of hours support services.

BFG also helped SELDOC identify their patient benefits ‘what we do best’ so they could be better communicated to the general public and help new NHS partners understand the important role SELDOC plays in supporting many of London’s clinical Commissioning Groups and NHS Trusts.



Hounslow and Richmond Community Healthcare is the NHS Trust providing the majority of community healthcare services in the London boroughs of Hounslow and Richmond upon Thames. Employing over 1,000 staff the Trust serves a population of over 500,000 people.

BFG Healthcare Consulting helped the Trust identify its core offers so they could better communicate with staff, patients and wider stakeholders. 

Its often difficult to know what you do best, and this is particularly true for NHS Trusts who offer so many valuable services and cover many different locations including clinics, hospitals, health centres and social care centres. It is important however to have clearly identified key achievements and unique benefits so they can be clearly communicated. This is important for investment, staff moral and to advice patients and local communities of the specialist services they may not otherwise be aware of.

BFG Healthcare Consulting carried out research with staff, patients, and other stakeholders to better understand what the Trust did best, why it was different from other local Trusts and what it could uniquely offer. Having identified what makes Hounslow and Richmond Community Healthcare NHS Trust unique a number of detailed publications where produced to promote the findings and services.

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