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BFG Healthcare Consulting has established itself as one of the UK’s leading consultancy firms.

Based in London our focus and experience is the NHS and the UK private healthcare sector.

As a small, focused consultancy we clearly map out and agree our work plan with our clients in advance of any work taking place. Once approved we work in partnership updating clients at every stage and make sure they are happy with progress and work delivery.

We are proud to have worked with many of our clients since the very start of our business and continue to work with companies and healthcare providers of all sizes.

Each of our associates have over twenty years board level experience in healthcare and are recognised experts in their specific field. Able to parachute in at a moment’s notice to help you make the right decisions, or work alongside you over a longer period while supported by BFG’s resources saving you time and fixed cost overheads.



Founding Partner


Mark has over twenty years’ experience of the NHS and private healthcare sector advising NHS Trusts across the country on a wide range of issues and helping companies such as GE Healthcare, Philips, Randox Health, BD and Pileje with their business management, sales and marketing.


Founding Partner


With over twenty years’ experience Chris has worked alongside many NHS Trusts and private healthcare providers helping them better communicate their unique benefits and point-of-difference. Working closely with them to make sure all stakeholder including staff, patients and the general public are all integrated and supported.




With  a strong NHS clinical background, Kal has held a number of leadership roles across the EMEA region in large blue chip companies including GE, Philips and McKesson. Kal also has extensive experience in managing SME’s to trade sale/acquisition, including his own cardiorespiratory companies.

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